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Essential Business Skills for Intermediated Distribution Partners

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Phuel is proud to be partnering with Suncorp, your key education partner, in offering Essential Business Skills programs to all Suncorp Intermediated Distribution Partners. As a key learning partner, we offer a range of skills development workshops to support capability development

Essential Business Skills (EBS) for Intermediated Distribution Partners


Essential Business Skills (EBS) programs are offered to all Suncorp Intermediated Distribution Partners and offer specific single-topic training that aligns with Suncorp's Capabilities.  Phuel is a key learning partner to Suncorp and offers a number of skills development workshops to support capability development.


You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of enrolment. Please ensure you record the event in your Outlook calendar, noting that many courses span multiple days.


Please be aware that courses are being scheduled on an ongoing basis. Continue to check here often to see when courses are available in your city.


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Fundamental to the success of your relationship with your client is to place your client’s needs at the very centre of every conversation.  We know that building deep rapport and understanding through strategic, diagnostic conversations enables you to position solutions to your customers, rather than selling products.  This workshop will provide you with a structured methodology that can be personalised, enabling you to foster and enhance real connections with clients.  Through this approach, you will be able to identify the needs, challenges and future opportunities of your clients.  In turn, you can educate and challenge them with new ideas and perspectives, creating a compelling and relevant solution based on insights into their emotional and rational needs. Key take-outs include:

  • Develop a structured yet personalised sequence for client conversations
  • Learn and practice world class questioning techniques to unearth spoken and unspoken needs
  • Frameworks for more effective influencing, persuasion and storytelling skills
  • Tips on handling objections and nightmare situations
  • Recognising how to truly add value to your clients by making the conversation all about them

Upcoming Dates:

Workshops to be offered in 2019 include…

In a competitive and noisy market, understanding your personal brand will enable your clients to genuinely appreciate the value you can bring to their world. It begins with recognising how your behaviours are being perceived and impact of your brand. Then we explore how to insightfully diagnose your key clients’ needs. We’ll guide you through the key components that need to be addressed to demonstrate your true value and reveal how to match your skill set to their desired attributes in an authentic, relevant and connected way. Key take-outs include:

  • Understand the true meaning and value of your personal brand
  • Work through the four areas of personal brand
  • Understand what the positive impact of your personal brand is on your clients
  • Revisit your personal brand in the context of emotive influences
  • Create a concise, authentic and believable personal brand and customer value proposition statement

Upcoming Dates: TBA

Cold calling is often the most dreaded part of any client-facing role, no matter how seasoned you may be.  The challenge with cold calling is that it generally needs to be done if you want to grow your client base and business.  The other challenge is that it’s the first opportunity you have to make a great impression with a prospective client.  This workshop will provide you with key strategies and techniques so you stop procrastinating and make a positive impact when you make that first call. Key take-outs include:

  • Create a common understanding of cold calling vs warm calling
  • Break through real and perceived barriers to cold and warm calling
  • Understand the value and benefits of cold and warm calling to generate new business
  • Work through the cold and warm calling 7 Step Funnell
  • How to gain the attention and engagement of a prospective client through an effective hook
  • Create tailored hooks appropriate to your specific clients and scenarios

Upcoming Dates: TBA

Flexibility and adaptability is critical in client-facing roles, as no two clients are ever the same.  The quality of your relationship and the level of trust you build with your client is based on your ability to communicate effectively, which can sometimes be challenging with clients who are similar to us and even more difficult with those who are very different to us.  This workshop will provide you with insights into your own personal thinking style and preferences, as well as your clients’ style and preferences.  We’ll then explore how this impacts subtle things like body language and impressions you create  in the eyes of your client, culminating in strategies to help you develop flexibility in your style to strengthen your relationships. Key take-outs include:

  • Understand your own thinking style and that of others
  • Explore the impact of your style on others: What impact does it have and what impressions does it create?
  • How to create and manage positive impressions on others
  • Learn strategies to flex and adapt to the style of your individual clients
  • Support the change from value protector to value creator through enhanced communication skills

Upcoming Dates: TBA

We’ve all been there: The conversation is going well and you think the deal is done.  Out of nowhere, your client asks an absolute curve-ball of a question that sends your heart through your chest and your brain into overdrive.  Flummoxed, your response does not land well and the opportunity slips away.  You’re disappointed you’ve let your client down and wonder how it all went so wrong.  Learn how to manage these nightmare situations and handle objections strategically, while building trust and strengthening your relationship with your clients. Key take-outs include:

  • A structured framework to guide conversations with clients that will help prevent objections from being raised
  • Tools to enable you to capture and handle objections strategically
  • Learn and refresh effective questioning techniques
  • Understand the goal of responding to objections to ensure the real concern is being met
  • The ability to acknowledge objections with empathy and in a manner that builds trust

 Upcoming Dates: TBA 

Just as a hammer and handsaw is vital to a handyman, this workshop offers a kitbag full of tools that will enhance your confidence and effectiveness when influencing clients.  It’s no longer enough to rely on product knowledge alone: Today’s clients are information rich however they may not fully understand the implications of making particular decisions.  You must be able to influence your clients in a trustworthy and collaborative way so they can recognise the full value of a proposed solution. Key take-outs include:

  • Understand leading influencing techniques and how to apply them
  • Work through the “laws” of influencing and how they play out in client interactions
  • Explore collaborative problem-solving techniques and why these approaches are effective
  • Apply the kitbag of influencing and persuasion techniques to your most important client conversations
  • Confidence in your ability to respond to your clients’ needs through techniques practiced in the workshop

Upcoming Dates: TBA

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