Yolande Watts

Happily. Ever. After.

This is actually my second time around at Phuel. I left, determined to have worked out my life’s calling by the ripe old age of 25. Just over three years out of the nest and I was ready to return home. Why? Sure – I love the autonomous and agile nature of the work. But mainly because the people are so friendly and your strengths are recognised and leveraged.

I enjoy using my organisational skills to empower and enable our facilitators to focus solely on the task at hand. I like freeing them up to make sure our programs are truly world-class. It’s great to play a vital supporting role in a team that is so passionate and driven about what they do – and it’s infectious. Just being in an environment that is brimming with so much energy is incredible and I definitely consider myself one of the lucky ones being a part of this again.

I’m a dog person, a people person and an excel spreadsheet person. So, pretty well-rounded really.