Anna Cheney


I love lightbulb moments. I love watching them and experiencing them myself. You know the ones? The eyes shine and the heart sings.

My first career was as a Registered Nurse and for many years I was part of the healing process for those in the most difficult moments of their life. That profession taught me resilience and how remarkable the human body is under pressure.

Going to drama school and then living the dream as an actor for many years on stage and screen combined my love of people, humour, creativity and entertaining. But…it was the impact on people that hooked me. My attraction to the art of facilitation started from working as an actor in role play for large corporate firms and watching and being inspired by the facilitators that brought people and teams back to the here and now – to what really matters.

For many years now I have had the privilege of creating a safe environment for people to learn, grow and experiment. When people choose to step outside of their comfort zones, that is where the magic happens.

My goal is to bring authentic, inspiring conversations and light bulb moments to the lives of those I meet and to include the lightness of humour and laughter which changes learning from a chore to a joy.

"Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the muscle." Asaro tribe of PNG